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Bernard Law Montgomery


// Biography of General Bernard Law Montgomery.

Temperament impossible


Almost from the first moment that Monty had problems with the American generals, who undoubtedly underestimated. As Eisenhower supreme commander, had to put up their orders. Their relations were strained and bitter on some occasions. The success and fame had not sweetened the character of Monty, and when he wrote his Memoirs criticized many decisions Eisenhower, who stopped writing to him, as usual, to congratulate him. This surprised Monty, who regretted that serious judgments contrary. 

The clash between two generals was inevitable because both had a completely different concept on how to conduct the war was already on European soil. Monty, the campaign that ended with the surrender of the Third Reich, has not been as bright as in North Africa . Made mistakes, like the Battle of Arnhem, which stopped the progression ally and which decimated the British I Airborne Division. Monty never recognized this defeat, said he had been a success in 90 percent. 

In May 1945, after advancing on Germany with fire and sword, in Lüneburg Monty received the German general Friedenburg to discuss terms of surrender of Germany. 

At the end the conflict and virtually until the end of his life, the Viscount of Alamein received all the high offices and honors, from Chief of Staff of the Imperial British Army, by the vice-admiral of the supreme NATO, through the Committee Commanders of the Organization for the Defense of Western Europe. NATO sentenced to one sentence: It is a stupidity. 

In 1958 he went to the reserve and retired to his home in Islington Mill, near London. There he lived surrounded by memories of his who died on March 23, 1976. Was eighty-eight years.

The english version of this article will be available soon. In the meanwhile, the text above was the result of a Google translation from portuguese version to english.

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