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// Information about Italy before, during and after the war.

After the government crisis and after a demonstration in Rome (sort of coup), King Victor Emmanuel III to appoint Mussolini was forced to the head of government. After the electoral reform, was granted a majority to the Fascist Party, the Socialist leader maneuver Giacomo Matteotti denounced before being assassinated in 1924 by armed militias (theblack shirts) of the Duce Mussolini. The new constitution implemented censorship of the press and the 1929 Lateran Pact was signed with Pope Pius XI reestabelecia through which the power of the popes. Through this maneuver, the government of Mussolini won the support of Catholics. 

The international politics of Mussolini almost exclusively served to awaken the people of Italy for the conquest of new colonies. In 1936, despite it being against the League of Nations, Italy invaded Ethiopia and a year later the Italian East African Empire was formed. At the same time that resulted from the Spanish civil war to closer relations between Italy and Germany, forming the Rome-Berlin Axis and Mussolini sent several aircraft to defend the cause of Francisco Franco. In April 1939, Italian troops occupied Albania. 

During World War II, Italy declared war on Britain and France, and the defeat of the Axis lost their colonies. In 1943, the Allies defeated the troops of Adolf Hitler, the king had ordered from Italy that the Italian troops fought the Germans.


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