Adolf Eichmann


// Biography of Eichmann.


Eichmann was born in Solingen, Austria. As an officer of the SS was responsible for atrocities committed against Jews and other individuals, including the implementation of the genocide. The control department of the Gestapo's Jewish population throughout the territory occupied by the Germans was in charge. Organized the mass deportation of Jews from Germany and Bohemia to concentration camps in Poland (1941). At the Wannsee Conference (1942) has been awarded the role of organizer of the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem(1942) and formulation of the extermination camps, including the specification and design of the gas chambers and crematoria. 

During the Fall of Germany, in 1945, managed to flee Germany but came to be discovered in Argentina in 1960, having been kidnapped by Israeli agents, was tried in Israel (1961) for war crimes and executed.

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