Heinrich Himmler


// Biography of Himmler.


Himmler was born in Munich, he became a member of the Nazi Party in 1925 and head of the Bavarian police in 1933. The functions that have accumulated in 1936 meant that already commanded all German police forces: chief of SS elite corps from 1929, the police and the Gestapo, the secret police (1936), and supervisor of the extermination of Jews in Europe east, which made him one of the most influential and powerful Germany. He was appointed interior minister in 1943 in an attempt to end the defeatism that followed the conspiracy of July and in 1944 became commander in chief of the national forces. In April 1945 the Allies made a proposal under which Germany would surrender to the United States and the United Kingdom but not to the USSR proposal was rejected. He was captured in May 1945 having committed suicide.

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