Paul Josef Goebbels


// Biography of Paul Josef Goebbels.


The magician of advertising

The character smarter and perhaps most controversial of the inner circle of Adolf Hitler was a lame little man with a deformed foot, the owner of a remarkable eloquence, whose name was Paul Josef Goebbels, the inventor of what is usually understood in a pejorative sense, As modern advertising. 

Born 29 October 1897 in Rheyt, Rhineland, a population that lived in the textile industry. Came into the world within a Catholic family. His father, Fritz, was foreman of a local factory. 

Thanks to scholarships diocesan Society of Albert the Great, Josef Paul could get a good college education. Unlike most of the higher hierarchies of the National Socialist Party, beginning with Hitler himself, who were self-taught, Goebbels studied at eight universities: Bonn, Freiburg, Würzburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin, graduating in Heidelberg in 1921. His studies were Philosophy, Literature, History, Arts and Classical Languages. 

His vocation was literature and journalism, but was unsuccessful. 

Do not ever leave the tendency to fantasize about life. Although attractive physico scarce, it was considered a great womanizer and spoke up about 30 lovers. In his diaries, which are conserved, women occupy much space; Casanova speaks of them as a romantic and enthusiastic. 

In September 1932 he married a divorcee, Magda Quant, who had a son from his previous marriage. With Goebbels was six. They lived together until his tragic end.

Hitler impressed

A young recent graduate, unemployed, that Germany in the crisis of the Weimar Republic did not have many opportunities to make way. The only open door policy was Goebbels.The secretáio of GregorStrasser, which at first will play the head of Hitler's NSDAP, had to replace his secretary, whose name was Heinrich Himmler. Gave the post to Goebbels.This was the beginning of their early political career. 

When, after many desinteligências, Hitler and Strasser parted, after a contentious meeting in Bamberg, in February 1926, Goebbels was with Hitler, and since then started to have the worship of their own converts. In October of that year, Hitler rewarded him by appointing him Gauleiter of Berlin (district officer). It was then twenty-nine years. In one year had passed unheard of writer Nazi leader. 

His first action was to found the party's propaganda organ, Der Angriff (The Attack). Some attribute the rapid rise of Hitler to the genius of Goebbels propaganda, and there is no exaggeration in it. He knew how to mobilize the masses, intoxicate them and put them into action. He was also a great worker. 


In 1929, Goebbels was elected to the Reichstag, whose fire, to all appearances, was one of the researchers, slightly later, in 1933, Hitler comes to power and appointed him minister of propaganda. 

Immediately ordered the Ministry to build one just for him, without even asking for the cost, and settled with his family in a palace surrounded by a beautiful garden. 

The arts of Nazi Germany fell under the absolute power as Minister of Propaganda Goebbels. The cinema, theater and the Press were under the orders of Goebbels, who organized the German culture as an industry generating adherence and obedience to the Nazi party. I did not want it otherwise. 

The music slipped a little this way. The only Jewish composer Hindemith was wiped off the map, but most composers, orchestra directors and performers non-Jews, unlike the writers, chose to stay in Germany. Were cases of Furtwaengler of Gieseking and, most surprising of all, Richard Strauss, who was not only in Germany, as he accepted the leadership of the Reich Music Chamber.

Tragedy in the bunker

In the last hours of Nazi Germany, Hitler, already abandoned by Goering and Himmler and others, dictated the list of the Doenitz government which would succeed to his death.Appointed Goebbels as chancellor. His last major position was that of general-fur bevollmachtigter dentotalen Krieg, in August 1944, something like Attorney General for total war. Days were deadly in the Chancellery bunker, with the Russian artillery to fire continuously. Goebbels wrote that did not want to stay alive after Hitler died. 

On May 1, 1945, at dusk, Goebbels called his sons, who were playing in the garden, and no doubt knew what awaited them. Lethal injections were administered by the same physician who was on the eve of Hitler poisoned dogs. 

Then Goebbels called his assistant, Gunther Schwaegermann, and told to prepare cans of gasoline. Explained that he had resolved to die with his wife and told her that when the dead were esles watered them with gasoline and caught fire. At half past eight that day, when it began to darken, the Goebbels rose garden of the bunker and there an SS man shot at the two neck. Showered us with gasoline and ignited.

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