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David Star used by jews in Holland
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WW2 Events

February 26, 1935
// The Luftwaffe is created as Germany's air force.
March 16, 1935
// Hitler violates the Treaty of Versailles by introducing military conscription.
May 02, 1935
// France and the Soviet Union sign the Pact of Mutual Assistance.
May 16, 1935
// Czecho-Soviet Pact of Mutual Assistance is signed.
July 13, 1935
// USA and the USSR sign a commercial agreement.
September 15, 1935
// The Nuremberg Race Laws.
// Swastika become the national flag of Germany.
October 02, 1935
// Italy invades Ethiopia.
October 07, 1935
// The League of Nations declared Italy an aggressor country.
October 19, 1935
// The League of Nations imposes sanctions on Italy.
November 04, 1935
// Polish-German economic agreement.
December 01, 1935
// Chiang Kai-shek elected president of chinese government.


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