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Information about the website WorldWarTwo.net.

The Website

The WorldWar-Two.net project began in August 24th of 2001 and started as a very simple website with few articles and sections. Little by little, I've began to introduce new sections and new contents, making the website more interactive. Currently, the website contents are presented in two different languages, with more than 170 articles and more than 650 multimedia elements.

The main website objective is not to transmit any political ideology, racist or xenophobe. This website was created because there is still space for one more webpage about this subject. Besides that, there are few websites written in Portuguese about this topic. With this site I would like to help people don't forget one of the darkest periods of the world history.

About me

My name's João Ricardo Ramos, I was born in 1982 and I live in Lisbon, Portugal and I'm fan of any world war two subject. I'm graduated in Telecommunications and Computer Science Engineering and, currently, I work as consultant.


To get in touch with me, click here. Next, you have some of the most frequent questions I receive about this site along with a brief reply:

Can you send me information on...?
All information I have about the WW2 are available on-line. However, you can contact me as some of the information you are looking for might be already being prepared to be published.

Can I use text/images from your site?
Whenever possible, WorldWar-Two.net presents the name of the source where the photograph and text. Even so, you can contact me.

How can I support this website?
Your support is really welcome. There is several ways to do that:

  • advertise on this website;
  • adding a link;
  • recommend this site to other people;
  • contributing with new contents;
  • buying things in the store;
  • make a donation to the website:

If you know any other way to support this website, contact me.
Thanks for your support.



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