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Charles André Joseph Marie de Gaulle


// Biography of Charles de Gaule.

Charles de Gaulle Lille was born, graduated from Saint-Cyr (1911) and was severely wounded and captured by the Germans (1916). In June 1940 refused to accept the truce of the new prime minister with the Germans and Petain, the June 18, made his historic radio broadcast calling Frenchmen to arms and encouraging them to continue the war against Germany.Hosted its headquarters in the UK and as leader of Free French troops continued to fight against the Germans (1940-1944). In 1944 he entered Paris in triumph and became for a short time, the head of the provisional government, and it was later dismissed due to the new constitution of the Fourth Republic (1946). In 1947 he founded the Rassemblement du Peuple Français (French Union of the People), a nonpartisan constitutional reform movement, and was then retired from politics in 1953. When in 1958 the country's bankruptcy and civil war in Algeria became a threat, de Gaulle was summoned to form a government. As the Prime Minister promulgated a constitution, subordinating the legislature for the presidency and took office in December 1958. This was followed by economic recovery, as well as the Algerian independence, but not before having fought a bloody war. Staunch nationalist, opposed the Anglo-Saxon influence in Europe. 

Again elected president in 1965, decided in terms of foreign policy, to oppose the entry of the United Kingdom to the EEC. Withdrew French forces from NATO (1966) and forces driving the development of French nuclear deterrent. Violently suppressed student demonstrations of May 1968, when workers joined the students. The Gaullist party, reorganized under the name Union of Democrats pour la République Cinquième (Union of Democrats for the Fifth Republic), obtained a significant majority in the elections that year. In 1969 he resigned after the defeat of the government in a referendum on constitutional reform. He retired to the village of Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises in northeastern France.

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