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Henri Philippe Pétain


// Biography of Pétain.

In 1917 he was appointed Marshal Petain of France, in spite of being a child of Marshal Foch, in 1918. His defense of Verdun in 1916 during the First World War made him a national hero. Crushed the rebellion in Morocco in 1925-26. As a member of the Board of War, advocated a purely defensive military policy and strongly conservative in politics. He became head of state (right) on 16 June 1940 and signed an armistice with Germany on June 22, convinced that Britain was about to be defeated and France should get the best possible terms.Despite this Vichy government (health resort in the center of France) have collaborated with the Germans, resigned his Deputy Pierre Laval who defended in December 1940, the alignment with the Axis powers. The Germans reinstated Laval in April 1942 and in November, the area occupied Vichy France, reducing the government of Petain to a puppet regime. With the Allied invasion of France, Pétain was taken to Germany but returned in 1945 and sentenced to death for treason, sentence later commuted to life imprisonment.

The english version of this article will be available soon. In the meanwhile, the text above was the result of a Google translation from portuguese version to english.

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