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Herman Wilhelm Goering


// Biography of Hermann Goering.

In this coarse man, pale, disguised in silk, gold and precious stones and victim during decades of morphine, the Third Reich placed the highest responsibility. His life symbolized the adventure tragicocómica staged by the Nazi regime: the son of a former cavalry officer, hero of the First World War, drunk with power and luxury in the golden days, and later a prisoner of its prórpias contradictions, driven to suicide when there was more than a rag unwilling. 

After being expelled from several schools, where he acknowledged both his intelligence and his despotism, the military begins to nineteen years. At the beginning of the First World War is a lieutenant in the Infantry weapon that quickly changes the newborn aviation. Fighter pilot in 1914, arrives to take command of the squadron of Baron Von Richthoten after his death. Awarded the Medal of Merit in recognition of the Kaiser had shot down 22 Allied planes in the back end of the conflict, however, poverty, having to make a living in aerial displays in Denmark and Sweden.


A separate militant nazi

He began his relationship with the National Socialist Party to establish friendship with Rudolf Hess at the Faculty of Political Science. In 1922 Hitler meets a rally. Impressed by their words, young Goering, who sees the future fuhrer man capable of giving life to his ambitious dreams, do not hesitate to put themselves at the service of the NSDAP. The hero of the Reich, the least we can do is Hitler awarded him the direction of the SA Brownshirts, the incipient assault forces of the party. 

Take part in pustch Munich in November 1923, a success that over time will change your life. Wounded by police, escapes the harsh German justice by taking refuge in Italy, under the protection of Mussolini. His forced exile lasted until 1927, when an amnesty allows you to return to his country. During these years, old wounds reopened the leg up and the doctors resorted to morphine to alleviate pain. Thereafter, Goering live prisoner of the drug, tablets paracodeína devouring.



Ascension to the luxury and whims

Member of the Reichstag in 1927, begins here his brilliant political career, which will take you to be president of the Reichstag in 1932 and interior minister six months later, with the Nazis already in the government. With Himmler, will head up the implementation of the averaged concentration fields, as well as the creation of the Gestapo. 

It's time to give free rein to his megalomania. An amazing palace on the outskirts of Berlin in Schorfheide, with 50,000 hectares devoted to hunting deer, elk, buffalo and wild horses, a collection of works of art that is slowly getting the unlimited value; uniforms as fancy as grandiose, designed especially for him, and a number of luxury to satisfy the whims of Goering irrepressible tendency to make themselves noticed. 

There are no limits to the almighty Reich Marshal, a new title that gives him Hitler in 1940, which controls the economy of Germany that a weapon for war.

The failure that came with the war

Despite the aura of a great warrior, it is precisely on the battlefield that Goering face the most glaring failure. Personally involved in making the Luftwaffe (German air force) inInvincible Weapon to the skies of Europe, revolutionized the aviation industry and multiplied the crews. Its new aircraft would have the baptism of fire in the Spanish Civil War with the Condor Legion, but would be in the Battle of Britain that Goering would risk your entire reputation. 

Unable to stop the British naval supremacy in the Channel, sacrifice much of their forces in the systematic bombing British cities. A pointless bloodletting that later will cost you the wrath of Hitler, who blame him severely for the first time his faithful collaborator. The Luftwaffe's inability to supply the surrounded Sixth Army of Paulus at Stalingrad and the Allied bombings on Germany, which desdiziam its terse statement that no enemy aircraft sobrevoaria German heaven, definitively ended the myth Goering. 

The final act of the Third Reich rushes over all his protagonists as the best of classical tragedies. While Hitler took refuge in the Berlin bunker, Goering fled to Obersalzberg. Dali sends a message to the fuhrer waiting for the answer to whether he agrees to assume all the powers of the state and negotiate with the Allies an honorable surrender before being caught by the Soviets. Hitler replied with an arrest warrant for treason and dismissal of all his positions.

Suicide before the gallows

A few days later is captured by the 36th Division of the U.S. Army. Subjected to very harsh treatment for addiction and a strict diet, lose weight 30 pounds (he weighed 160) and regains its former clarity. At the Nuremberg trial never considered himself guilty of the actions imputed to him, instead, proved to be tough and determined when it argued before the judges. Sentenced to death by hanging, in charge of conspiracy of war crimes, crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity, would commit suicide by ingesting a cyanide capsule in his cell hours before his execution. 

Goering died an almost unrecognizable, aged.

The english version of this article will be available soon. In the meanwhile, the text above was the result of a Google translation from portuguese version to english.

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