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Joseph Stalin - Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili


// Biografia completa do Joseph Stalin.

The Iron Man

In fact, Stalin is very nice, said James Byrnes, a former U.S. secretary of state, who had known him in Yalta. On his first encounter with him, Anthony Eden wrote in Memoirs. Facing the Dictators: "Stalin impressed me from the first moment, and my opinion about his ability has not changed. Conveyed his personality effortlessly and exaggeration. Naturally had good manners, perhaps a Georgian heritage. Even though I knew it was a man without mercy, I respected the quality of intelligence, even felt a sympathy that was never able to fully analyze. "

The cunning of the Asian


Biographers of Stalin spent almost all the perplexity of feeling sympathy for him and can not explain it, except perhaps his most bitter enemy, Leon Trotsky. This, passionate in his biography of Stalin, he quotes the old revolutionary Leonidas Krasin as the first Asian to call Stalin, referring to this link integrity, wit, cunning and cruelty that was considered characteristic of men of Asian state. These expressions, cunning and cruelty, especially cruelty, is what was the most defining personality of Stalin, which in Russian can be interpreted as a man of iron. Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili was born in the city of Gori (Georgia, Transcaucasia), the December 21, 1879. The son of a shoemaker who drank too much and beat him up, and a most loving mother who adored him and was a laundress. Were firmness and love that it took Soso (diminutive of Joseph in Georgian) poverty and mediocrity, making him the first to enter a theological school of Gori, and after the seminar in the capital Tbilisi. At this point, the biography of Joseph begins to wrap up. To his friends and subordinates later, Joseph was always first class, the most sympathetic, the more enterprising. Sometimes flattery, undeniable result of fear, dishonesty by ditirâmbicas.In return, his political opponents deny him the bread and salt. Note the fear and hatred. It is impossible therefore to make a judgment serene school Soso.

From the revolutionary seminarian

But since there is a clear objective: never got to graduate from the Theological Faculty of Tbilisi, as well frustando his mother's dream of becoming a priest of the Georgian Orthodox Church. It seems certain, also, who was expelled from school for being rebellious. Anyway, came early in the political struggle for thirteen years, supported by a voracious reading of revolutionary literature. Although the seminary became a Marxist. In 1902 lodged in jail, arrested for the first time. Throughout his revolutionary life was arrested numerous times. In 1904 he was deported to Siberia but managed to run away and return to Tbilisi. That year separated the Bolsheviks and mencheques. Stalin became a Bolshevik. He had his first meeting with Lenin in Tampere (Finland) in 1905 and in 1906-1907 participated in the congress party in Stockholm and London. Causes impression Lenin at the beginning, which made ??him a member of the Central Committee and first director of Pravda, who started out on May 5, 1912. The following year, adopted the pseudonym of struggle, Stalin.

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