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Obscure facts about Winston Churchill

// Winston Churchill, the emblematic British wartime leader is instantly recognisable by his cigar, bowler hat, trench coat, and imposing frame. Obscure facts about Sir Winston Churchill that portray the man in fresh light.

6. Gorilla Warfare
According to his nephew, John Spencer Churchill, Winston did a good gorilla impression. In his 1961 book, Crowded Canvas, John writes "Few people can say they have seen the ex-First Lord of the Admiralty, crouching in the branches of an oak, baring his teeth and pounding his chest."
7. Man of the Half-Century
Churchill eclipsed Hitler by being named Time Magazine's 'Man of the Year', not once but twice, in 1940 and again in 1949. The title is granted to men (and also women, since Wallis Simpson in 1936) who have significantly influenced the course of history. On his second time receiving the accolade, he was named 'Man of the Half-Century'.
8. Churchill the Statesman
Churchill served under an impressive six monarchs: Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George V, King Edward VIII, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. Whilst serving his country, he held at least nine different offices.

9. School of Thought
As a schoolboy, Winston Churchill did not shine academically; he would often find himself in the bottom half of classes and examinations; his rebellious streak ending in numerous beatings. Few would have predicted a successful career in politics, least of all his headmaster at Harrow, who punished the young boy for destroying his beloved straw hat.
Realising university was not an option, and recognising Winston's childhood love for toy soldiers, Churchill's father decided to send him to Sandhurst Military Academy. It would, however, take three attempts before Winston passed the entrance examination.
10. Pillow Talk
Churchill was known to enjoy a siesta, a habit he adopted following his time in Cuba with Spanish forces in 1895. In later life, far from simply aiding his recuperation, Churchill's bed often acted as his preferred location to discuss matters of great state importance.
Senior military advisors Sir Hastings Ismay and General Alan Brooke would invariably be summoned bedside, for a private audience with the Prime Minister. Reports claim a bespoke breakfast table to fit his bed was commissioned especially to accommodate his unusual conferences.
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