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German P-38 pistol
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// World Wat Two Events

  Operations / Battles
      » Pearl Harbor
      » Flying Fire Operation
      » Market-Garden Operation
      » Battle of Britain
      » Atomic Bomb launchings
      » Operation Himmler
      » Operation Mincemeat
      » The assault to the Eben Emael fortress
      » Falklands: the Argentine military planned invasion
      » Operation Hannibal
      » Battle of Shanghai

  Conferences / Treaties / Pacts
      » Atlantic Charter
      » Quebec Conferences
      » Casablanca Conference
      » Yalta Conference
      » Tehran Conference
      » Potsdam Conference
      » Versailles Treaty
      » Munich Pact
      » Proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
      » Surrender of Japan

      » MacArthur speech for peace
      » USA Declaration of War on Japan
      » USA Declaration of War on Germany and Italy

      » Tragic Death of Rommel
      » General Patton Slap
      » Espionage in Lisbon
      » Creation of the Lebensborn Project
      » Nuremberg Trials
      » Nuremberg defendants
      » Fire in the Reichstag
      » Mass on Mount Suribachi (Iwo Jima)
      » Japanese Nuclear Weapon Program
      » Decree creating the Gestapo signed by Hitler and only then by Goering



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