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Versailles Treaty

// Information about the Treaty of Versailles.

The Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919 by Germany and the Allied powers in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, France. This treatise is composed of about 440 articles, including also numerous attachments. 

The drafting of the treaty began in early 1919 and after many months of tough negotiations, was presented to Germany for analysis on May 7, 1919. 

Were given three weeks to the German government to accept the terms of the treaty. Initially, the response corresponded to a long list of complaints and, mostly, been ignored.Many felt that the treaty was extremely rigorous and somehow, very hard towards Germany. 

The severity of the terms of the treaty towards the principal defeated nation, the Treaty of Versailles was, in view of Germany, a painful humiliation. Thus, both the discontent that led to economic difficulties imposed by the Germans in the following years, helped create conditions for the rise of Adolf Hitler to power in 30 years, and, therefore, to return to a conflict on a large scale, in which Germany again defrontaria nations like France and England during World War II. 

To ensure the political understanding and peace between countries, the treaty provided for the establishment of the League of Nations, the reduction of German territory, the demilitarization of Germany and the payment by the latter of heavy war damages. 

Thus, the territory of Germany was reduced by 13.5% (about seven million people) and you were taken overseas colonies. Alsace-Lorrain was attached to the French and Belgian territory has been extended to the east, going to have areas of Eupen and Malmedy. 

In addition to these changes in German territory, the area of ??Prussia This was attached to Lithuania, while he went to Sudeten Czechoslovakia. 

For the German army, this was limited to a maximum of 100,000 soldiers, with the use of heavy artillery, gas, tanks and aircraft were banned. It is also understood that the navy of Germany could only have ships below 10,000 tons, and the submarines were totally banned.

The english version of this article will be available soon. In the meanwhile, the text above was the result of a Google translation from portuguese version to english.

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