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Slave Work

// Information about the slave work in some German companies during the war.

During the Second World War, the German war machine resorted to forced labor of prisoners in the different camps. Several German companies used prisoners of concentration camps to produce. Some of the major German companies that used slave labor during the war are mentioned in the following table: 

Name Branch of Activity
Allianz Insurance
Stihl Machinery and Equipment
Basf Chemistry
Bayer Chemical and Pharmaceutical
Beiesdorf Cosmetics
BMW Automotive
Commerzbank Financial
Daimler-Chrysler Automotive
Degussa-Huls Precious metals, chemical
Deutsche Bank Financial
Lufthansa Aviation
Henkel Chemistry
Hoechst Chemistry
MAN Automotive
Mannensmann Steel
Robert Bosch Automobile parts
Siemens Equipment, Telecommunications
Thyssen-Krupp Steel
Varta Automobile parts
Volkswagen Automotive

One example mentioned was the Volkswagen. This company created the model to maintain the concentration camps at the factory, where prisoners produced military equipment. The French and Italians mounted tanks, Soviet women filled bombs, metal workers from Eastern Europe were welding parts for fighter planes Fl-103. The prisoners came to represent 67% of workers at peak production. 

The prisoners were housed in barracks, where men were separated from women and children. Considering that any error or fault on the part of prisoners was seen as acts of sabotage, harsh punishments were used.

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