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Helmet of a german Infantry soldier
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// News related with World War Two

      » Portuguese consul triggered the failure for the anti-hitlerian conspiracy.
      » 80 japanese world war 2 bombs discovered.
      » Double agent from the USSR betrayed a swedish that saved jews.
      » Japan promises to help people contaminated with ww2 gases.
      » Aerial war photos avaiable in the internet.
      » Memories from Anne Frank.
      » Homages to a portuguese hero.
      » D Day, 60 years after.
      » «Butcher of Genoa» dies.
      » WW2 bomb found on Florida beach.
      » US National Archives historic videos already online.
      » The Spitfire marks 70 years.
      » USA honours Churchill for speech that still echoes 60 years on.
      » Short film covers pancake-caused delay to end of WW2.
      » Frozen WWII airman buried.
      » Poland seeks name change for Auschwitz.
      » Hitler plotter's widow dies.
      » Letters show different side of Anne Frank.
      » Missing Japanese WWII Soldier Alive in Ukraine.
      » Germany agrees to open Nazi archive.
      » Nazi Archive open to researchers.
      » Nazi aircraft carrier located.
      » Japan holds memorial service to mark end of WWII.
      » Gunter Grass admits to serving in Hitler's Waffen SS.
      » Iwo Jima photographer died, aged 94.
      » Britain finally pays off WWII debt.
      » Nazi war crimes suspect arrested in Hungary
      » Photo of Hiroshima bombing found
      » WWII vet who provided flag on Iwo Jima has died
      » German WWII bunker to generate renewable energy
      » Sex slaves were necessary in World War II, according to Japanese political
      » Dozens of Nazi criminals live unpunished in the U.S.
      » Laszlo Csatari died, one of the most wanted Nazi war criminals.
      » Merkel visits Dachau concentration camp
      » Gestapo Leader, Heinrich Mueller, buried in a mass grave in a jewish cemetery in Berlin
      » Japan and Russia agree to resume peace talks after 58 years of tension.
      » Man Who Never Was: Second World War mystery of sailor Tommy Martin can be solved by British Government
      » Wreck of japanese submarine (I-400) discovered off Hawaii
      » Japanese WWII soldier who refused to surrender for 29 years dies



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