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Letters show different side of Anne Frank.

// News about the letters that show a different side of Anne Frank.

Anne Frank - her life in letters is about Anne Frank as a correspondent. We know that Anne Frank wrote her diary in the form of letters. Less well known is that, prior to the diary, she often wrote postcards and letters to family and friends. Some twenty of these letters have recently been made available to the Anne Frank House by Anne's cousin Buddy Elias and the Anne Frank Fund in Basel specially for the exhibition in the Amsterdam Historical Museum from April 12 thru September 3, 2006.

  This is the first time that the original letters will be shown to the public, shifting the focus to a younger Anne Frank. Like her diary letters, Anne's childhood correspondence tells the tale of a girl who - against the backdrop of a wartime city - grew from a letter-writer in the Rivierenbuurt, a district in south Amsterdam, into a world-famous author. The exhibition includes Otto's photo albums, showing a middle-class pre-war family, and the notebooks of friends in which Anne wrote birthday poems.

April 11, 2006

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