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WW2 bomb found on Florida beach.

// News about one World War 2 bomb found on Florida beach.

Construction crews using heavy machinery to perform a post-hurricane beach clean-up unearthed a World War 2-era bomb on February 14 morning.

Bomb disposal experts from the Air Force's Hurlburt Field were called to Pensacola Beach to detonate the 45kg bomb, which contained between seven and nine kilograms of explosives, said Captain Virgil Magee, spokesman for special operations at Hurlburt Field.

Sergeant Mike Ward said a bomb disposal unit transported the bomb from the beach to the Air Force base where they blew it up on Tuesday afternoon.

Ward said he did not know how the bomb became buried at the beach. However, the northern part of the state is dotted with military bases that conducted training and weapons development during World War 2.


February 14, 2006


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