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Is Paris burning?

// Hilter asked: Is Paris burning?

Since 1940 the French capital was occupied by the Nazis. However, in the final moments of this occupation that occurred strikes by police, post office and the subway. The station suspended its broadcasts. On August 19, 1944, the Committee of Liberation of Paris urged people to occupy ministries, newspaper offices and parts of the municipal administration.So began the street fighting. 

The resistance leader, Henri Tanguy (known as Colonel Rol) intended in confusion in Paris take political power rather than General de Gaulle and allied troops arrived in Paris. 

General von Choltitz was the German commander of the metropolitan area of ??Paris from August 7, 1944. Cholitz received a carte blanche of Adolf Hitler in which Hitler demanded that Paris was defended with all the resources and must be completely destroyed in the event of a withdrawal. However, Cholitz ignored the letter, contrary to the will of the Fuhrer and asking the Consul General of Sweden in Paris to establish contact with the Allies to rush them to accelerate the invasion of Paris. 

  Since the Swedish consul-general, Raoul Nordling, suffered a heart attack prior to meeting with the Allies, his brother (Rolf Nordling) took on the mission. 

General Leclerc had joined de Gaulle and advance from August 23, 1944, with his troops quickly to Paris. The next day, allied companies were already in the western suburbs of Paris. On the afternoon of August 25, General Leclerc, along with Colonel Rol, receiving the surrender of General von Choltitz. 

De Gaulle arrived in Paris on August 25, 1944 having spoken at night. 

In Berlin, Hitler tried to find out, in vain, its General Jodl: "Paris is burning?"

The english version of this article will be available soon. In the meanwhile, the text above was the result of a Google translation from portuguese version to english.

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