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The English Patient

// Information about the movie The English Patient.


After the plane crash attacked by the Germans during the Second World War, the mysterious pilot (Ralph Fiennes) is found in the warm sands of the Sahara desert, with deep burns on the body, which made him unrecognizable. Taken to an abandoned monastery of Tuscania, in northern Italy, receives care from a Canadian nurse (Juliette Binoche) deployed in the region. Memories of happy days spent beside his lover's (Kristin Scott Thomas) are the only reason to live.

A film of great romantic glow, intrigue and adventure, full of life and mystery. In the center of the story is a Count Hungarian, whose mere presence will forever change the fate of those around you.


Main Actors/Actresses:

  • Ralph Fiennes (Count Laszlo de Almásy)
  • Juliette Binoche (Hana)
  • Willem Dafoe (David Caravaggio)
  • Kristin Scott Thomas (Katharine Clifton)
  • Naveen Andrews (Kip)
  • Colin Firth (Geoffrey Clifton)
  • Julian Wadham (Madox)
  • Jürgen Prochnow (Major Muller)
  • Kevin Whately (Sgt. Hardy)


Main Awards:

  • Oscars 1997
    • Best Picture
    • Best Director
    • Best Actress in a Supporting Role
    • Best Art Direction-Set Decoration
    • Best Cinematography
    • Best Costume Design
    • Best Film Editing

    • Best Sound
    • Best Original Score
  • BAFTA 1997
    • Best Film 
    • Best Cinematography
    • Best Editing
    • Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
    • Best Screenplay – Adapted
    • Best Music
  • Golden Globes 1997
    • Best Motion Picture – Drama
    • Best Original Score – Motion Picture
  • From first draft of the screenplay to final cut took four years.
  • The Germans who shoot at Almásy's plane at the beginning were actually tourists roped into the production because they couldn't afford any more extras.
  • Minghella's first cut of the film was 4 hours and 10 minutes long.
  • Almost every reverse angle shot following a desert vista was done on a soundstage due to budgetary constraints.
  • Bruce Willis was offered the role of Caravaggio but was talked out of taking the role by his then agent. He later admitted in interviews to regretting this decision.  

Original Title: The English Patient
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Anthony Minghella
Producer: Saul Zaentz
Running time: 162 min
Studio: Miramax Films, Tiger Moth Productions
Distribution: Miramax Films
Release Date: 15 November 1996 (USA)
Script: Michael Ondaatje (novel), Anthony Minghella (screenplay)
Music: Gabriel Yared
Cinematography: John Seale
Edition: Walter Murch

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