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Waffen SS

// Information about the Waffen SS.

Meanwhile, in most countries occupied by the Reich, come with the invasion of Russia in 1941, several legions of volunteers who depend on the Wehrmacht. Endowed with greater enthusiasm than effectiveness, will fight in front of the East throughout the year 1942, until they are gradually framed in the Waffen SS in early 1943. The Dutch and Flemish legions form two assault brigades, and the Neederlander Langemark, respectively. On the other hand, the part of the Danish and Norwegian regiment Nordland subsequently raised to divide in May 1943. 

In addition to the volunteer corps, several European countries met their own SS. Such is the case of the Belgian Flemish, which form a Germaansche Vlaandern in SS or SS Germanic in Flanders. Also Norway, with its Norske SS, and Holland with the SS in Germaansche Neederland conceive these forces of police reinforcements, like its German namesake.


Aryan racism to foreign volunteers


In January 1942, Hitler decided to create a battalion of armored cars in the main divisions of the Waffen SS. Furthermore, it supports the organization of a SS Panzergeneralkomando,whose head rests the veteran General Paul Hausser, the true father of the Waffen SS. In November, four other divisions receive additional appropriations for cars, assault guns and armored transport vehicles, moving these to be called SS Panzergrenadierdivision, later known as SS Panzerdivision. 

The mid-year permitted the creation of new divisions. Are the Nord, the Prinz Eugen and Florian Geyer. So in August, the Waffen SS can triple its workforce, and it creates two new divisions, and Honenstauffen Frundsberg. 

But the limitations that still exist for the entry of non-Germans in the Waffen SS were lost numerous numbers of potential volunteers. Already in 1941, the head of recruitment, Berger, Himmler asked for the use of Ukrainian, which was rejected on racial grounds. After numerous SO? with Hitler? opens up recruitment centers for the Ukrainians in 1943. The reality far surpasses all expectations, we present one hundred thousand men, of whom thirty thousand are selected, forming with them the division Galizien. 

Also, early in the year 1943, it creates one of the most famous divisions of the Waffen SS, the Hitlerjugend. Arthur Axmann, head of the Hitler Youth, Himmler proposes the creation of a division composed of boys of seventeen years, the youth members of the Nazi party. Himmler is fascinated with the idea, but the propaganda minister Goebbels basic choices to the project, indicating the possible consequences of propaganda measure. I thought that the Allies would take advantage of recruiting children to denounce the Nazi regime.However, Hitler not only supports the idea of training but also proposes new Leibstandarte officers of his command for the new division. 

And trained in Belgium, the XII SS-Hitlerjugend Panzerdivision make their baptism of fire during the landing at Normandy, trying to halt the advance of British cars. 

Although terribly destroyed, would be reconstituted, participating in the Ardennes offensive, during Christmas 1944.


French, British and Muslims in the SS

But undoubtedly, the foreign volunteers who lived an adventure most dramatic were the French. After being dissolved in the LVF? Legion of French Volunteers? in September 1944 and the authorization to use Himmler's Waffen SS in the Gauls, it creates the first assault brigade of French SS volunteers. Instructed by Dutch SS, is sent to the Eastern front, where it is virtually annihilated. In the autumn of 1944 gets a new contingent of seven thousand three hundred and forty men, who, returning from the front, there will be more than eight hundred. Renamed SS Assault Regiment of French volunteers 'Charlemagne' is sent to Berlin during the throes of the Reich. Your survivors were prisoners of the army of General Leclerc, being shot for treason. 

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