George Smith Patton


// Biography of General Patton.


Hurricane shielded

Born in Lake Vineyard Ranch (California), the November 11, 1885, he entered West Point at twenty years old, the first of its course. Its authentic military legend begins to forge in 1916, while participating in the expedition of General Pershing to Mexico to fight against the forces of the legendary Pancho Villa. The following year landed with the American Expeditionary Force in the middle of the Great War.


Veteran of the Great War

By early 1918 is promoted to commander in Langres organizing the first training center for tanks of the U.S. Army. Is critically wounded in front on 25 September, when he tried to conquer a hill occupied by the Germans accompanied by only one soldier. 

N time, Patton is already hated by all his men. The unorthodox methods are a constant throughout his military career. For him, as a lover of military history, war is the ultimate expression of an ideal. As its not tire of repeating, can not understand life without a battle.

Landing in North Africa

Patton comes into play in the Second World War in 1943, in North Africa during Operation Torch, the command of the II Army Corps. 

After the defeat by the Americans in their first encounter with the Germans, in the fateful battle of Kasserine Pass, Patton assumed command of the II Army Corps, successfully ending the campaign. 

At the command of Seventh Army takes an active part in the invasion of Sicily, capturing Messina before his rival and ally in the personal front, the British Montgomery, who maintain a duel for glory and honor of public opinion Anglo-American. 

It will be precisely in Sicily which Patton stars in an incident that shook his career. He slapped a soldier suffering from combat fatigue, and Eisenhower, under strong pressure, had to order an official investigation. 

The matter came to the press, and the United States triggered a remarkable scandal. Even top officials came to ask attend a council of war. On January 1, 1944, Patton was replaced as commander of the Seventh Army. 

At the end, the event will cost you in the absence of D-Day beaches in Norman, a luxury that even the Germans never came to believe, because I always thought that Patton would command the cars during the Allied invasion. 

A month after they place the Normandy landings, Eisenhower rehabilitates it, putting it ahead of the Third Army, under orders from a friend and his former subordinate, General Omar Bradley.



The gallop of their tanks by France

Patton conducted a lightning campaign in France. Their tanks advance more on the ground that it is possible to win, with the obvious danger of becoming isolated from the rest of the movement together. Quickly lacked the fuel? he said, to encourage Montgomery? Patton and complain will be one of his usual phrases: My men can eat belts, but my cars need gasoline. 

With the German offensive in the Ardennes, Patton performs his greatest achievement: to break the siege of Bastogne. This achievement earned him an immense popularity in his homeland and greatly fueled his infinite vanity. 

While Patton has never been a quarterback, was a huge master the art of mobility. During their advance by Germany came to travel an average of 50 miles daily, until you get to Czechoslovakia. After joining the Soviet armies of Marshal Zhukov, starred in several incidents with senior Russian military chiefs.

Its cross antisoviética

Since then, his press conferences would focus the attention of all war correspondents allies because of their harsh criticism, especially against the Soviets, who has considered the enemy of tomorrow. 

After the war expressed so little interest in the denazification program, which has even been accused of favoring some former Nazis. 

On December 9, 1945 suffered serious fractures in a car accident in ciscunstâncias never clarified. A few days later died, the military hospital in Heidelberg. 

Died in peace time a man who confessed to having been born just to make war.

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