Vergeltungswaffe ein


// Information about the famous míssieis Vergeltungswaffe ein (V-1).


In 1942, with the army to develop the rocket with A4 footprint, the Luftwaffe began developing its own rocket. Officially called the F2G-76, Goebbels appointed him for V-1 (Vvergeltungwaffe means for retaliation weapon). 

With more than 8.75 meters in length, the V-1 belong to a pump line unmanned flying powered by a gasoline engine or compressed air. Released from a kind of chute, the V-1 carrying a warhead of a ton to about 563 km / h on a radius of up to 400 miles driven by the autopilot before crashing. There was also a version of the V-1 that was released from the air of a Heinkel HE III modified. 

More than 9,000 V-1s were launched against the United Kingdom and South, in particular, against London. With this, the RAF established three defensive lines, and the English Channel existed patrol planes as sets of anti-aircraft. About London there was a lot of barrage balloons (balloons that flew over the cities to stop bombers at low altitude).

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