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WW2 Events

January 05, 1919
// German Workers' Party founded in Munich.
March 23, 1919
// Fascist Movement founded in Milan.
April 28, 1919
// League of Nations is founded.
June 22, 1919
// German national assembly, meeting in Weimar, authorizes the signature of the peace treaty.
June 28, 1919
// Treaty of Versailles is signed.
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July 12, 1919
// United Kingdom and France authorize the reestablishment of the commercial relations with Germany.
October 10, 1919
// Treaty of Saint-Germain is signed, ending World War I with Austria.
October 12, 1919
// Adolf Hitler participates for the first time in the party meetings.
November 11, 1919
// In the United Kingdom, two minutes of silence in memory of the World War I victims.
November 19, 1919
// US senate didn't ratified the Versailles Treaty, making the USA a non-member of the League of Nations.


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