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British MK1V Helmet
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// The german tracked amphibious tractor that was created to be used in the British Islands invasion.

Crew 2 + 20 passengers
Weight 13.000kg

1 motor Maybach

ML120 V12 de 300hp
35km/h (road)
12km/h (water)
Length 8,60m
Height 3,16m
Width 3,13m
Armor None
Armament None
Rheinmetall Borsig was selected in 1936 to develop a tractor that could be used in amphibious operations. The idea was that this vehicle would be capable of towing a special trailer that could float, being able to load vehicles or equipment up to 18.000kg. The Rheimetall responded to the request with the amphibious vehicle Land-Wasser-Schepper (LWS).

The strange vehicle underwent several tests without drawing too much attention until preparations for the invasion of England (Operation Sea Lion) were initiated which never happened. Without doubt this car would be useful in crossing the Channel, but the result of the Battle of Britain hung to the side of the Allies and a big delay caused the LWS project only took off in 1941. Entering service in 1942, he was very useful in the Soviet Union and in North Africa.
Something that counted against the LWS was its lack of shielding. And in military operations as was expected in the planned invasion of England, the shield would be essential. Otherwise the two crew plus the twenty men who could lead, eventually be easily killed by the British defenses on the risks that an amphibious invasion entails. After having three prototypes completed, the project was abandoned in 1942, already after the defeat in the Battle of Britain and all the hope of an invasion of the British Isles now that Nazi Germany was focused on Eastern Europe. After the end of the war the LWS were found and brought to the UK for evaluation. Few copies were produced.

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