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M1919 Browning machine guns

// American submachine gun widely used by the american forces during the WWII both by infantry and by other branches of the armed forces.

Caliber 7,62mm
Length 1041mm
Barrel Length 610mm
Weight 14,06Kg
Initial Velocity of Projectile 854m/s
Rate of fire Cíclico, 400-500rpm
Feed  system 250-round belt
Caliber 7,62mm
Length 1346mm
Barrel Length 610mm
Weight 14,74Kg
Initial Velocity of Projectile 854m/s
Rate of fire Cyclic, 400-500rpm
Feed  system 250-round belt
Browning Model 1919 differed by the Model 1917 tube having an air-cooled rather than water. This air-cooled model was developed with the initial idea of equipping them in tanks. With the end of World War I tanks, machine guns, and consequently, have had their orders canceled. The Browning ended up appearing in new versions: Browning M1919A1, Browning M19192, used by the U.S. Cavalry and Browning M1919A3. These models were never produced to the M1919A4 into service. In 1945, about 438,971 were produced.
The M1919A4 was produced to be used with the infantry and was in the gun battle that proved to be first class being able to distribute huge amount of fire on the enemy and endure ill treatment and hardness found in the front. The M1919A5, another model was produced for use in tanks. There was also a model used to force M2, which could be installed and used as a weapon in a fixed or flexible aircraft. The Navy also had their version based on M1919A4 that was called AN-M2.

Among all these models there have been several changes but the basic design of the M1919 remained the same. The power of the gun was made ??through a ribbon of ammunition and the gun was usually mounted on a tripod. Various mounting devices allow the weapon to be equipped in jeeps, trucks, tanks and well equipped for antiaircraft use.
In 1943 the M1919A6 was introduced it should be a light machine gun to increase the firepower of the battalion. The result was a heavy light machine gun that could at least be built quickly in existing production lines. It was a machine gun better than the BAR and about 43,479 were produced. All Browning M1919 used the same system operating gas.

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