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Walter Richard Rudolf Hess


// Biography of Rudolf Hess.

Hess was a German Nazi leader, born in Alexandria (Egypt). He was imprisoned along with Hitler (1924-1925), became his private secretary, writing the book Mein Kampf Hitler from dictation. In 1933 he was appointed Führer Hitler assistant, a position he remained until he was replaced by Goering in September 1939. At this time, Rudolf Hess was indeed responsible for the organization of the Nazi party. The May 10, 1941 landed in the UK bringing a proposed personal commitment to peace, the time from which he was held as a prisoner of war until 1945, when he was tried at Nuremberg as a war criminal and sentenced to life imprisonment . He died in Spandau Prison in Berlin, having been, in recent years, the only prisoner at Spandau (after his death the Spandau Prison was destroyed).

The english version of this article will be available soon. In the meanwhile, the text above was the result of a Google translation from portuguese version to english.

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